Standard Site

Price includes creation of the design, image editing, and uploading to a host.

Please request a quote for an exact price.

Factors that determine costs:

  • Size of site. Larger sites will obviously cost more.
  • Images/graphical elements (Extra charges apply if images are requested but not provided.)
  • Pre-design planning. If I am not given at the minimum a bare-bones outline of the organization of the site, the project will require more pre-design planning, which will affect the final cost.

Premium Site

Standard site + extras. Prices vary.

Examples of extras:

  • Stock images (quality photographs that can be legally used without copyright infringement.) These usually cost $1-5 each.
  • E-mail form programming.

Site Maintenance Services

Site maintenance services are ongoing updates and changes provided after the initial project has been completed. Most minor changes (like wording) take only a few minutes. New page additions may take up to 2 hours.

Hourly rates apply.